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CJB Law handles a wide variety of insurance law cases throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Our legal team is remarkably dedicated, and we have a long-established history of success representing our clients in all matters of insurance law. Insurance law cases can be emotionally charged and intimate to all parties involved. We take great care in understanding every unique detail of your case from start to finish.

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We work tirelessly while exhausting every available option to ensure that our clients reach their goals. Our longstanding history of success is a result of incredible casework and insurance law expertise. Our insurance law background includes: Strom, hail, wind, flood, sewage, and fire damage claims | Bad faith claims | Farm insurance (farm building, equine, livestock, and hog) | Business insurance | Construction insurance | Directors and officers insurance

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The aftermath of a major storm can be devastating, whether it be from hail, wind, or flooding. In the temperant Midwest, the elements pose a real concern and can be a destructive force without warning. Whether it’s blizzards and hail during the winter or floods and tornadoes during the spring and summer months, you have to be prepared. Severe weather damage can include:

  • Strong wind damage
  • Tornado damage
  • Hail damage
  • Thunderstorms or lightning damage
  • Heavy snow or blizzard damage

Unfortunately, property damage may be inevitable. Many rely on their insurance carriers to help shoulder the burden and pay for damages. However, some insurance companies fail to uphold their obligations and will drag their feet in the mud when it comes to assisting their customers. Mishandled claims, delays, or denials can place policyholders in a box. If you’re facing these issues, you need a trusted and reliable insurance law partner to help you push through.

It’s no secret that fire spells disaster for homeowners or business owners. Amidst the trauma of dealing with fire damage, the last thing you want to be doing is fighting with your insurance company to prove the validity of a claim.

We encourage anyone who is having trouble with their insurance carrier and fire damage policies to contact a dedicated and experienced insurance attorney. We can assist with your home inventory to evaluate the scale of your loss, accurately documenting what was damaged. From appliances and furniture to irreplaceable items, we’ll help you get an idea of where you should begin with your insurance company.

Smoke damage from fires can cause a surprising amount of damage, and unfortunately, some insurance carriers will delay or deny smoke damage claims. We’ll help you manage the process so that you’re able to recover your losses easier.

Farmers rely on their structures and animals to make a living and provide the world with essential goods. Finding an insurance policy that manages your home and its contents, farm property, and structures, along with liability protection for livestock, can be incredible. However, we see these relationships sour all-too-often when problems arise, and insurance companies fail to uphold their end of the bargain.

CJB Law can help farmers seeking claims for their farm. We can assist with a wide range of issues and advocate for your best interests when it comes to your claim dispute.

When an insurance company fails to uphold their end of the deal, it can be a frustrating experience. Violating a policy or failing to act justly and honestly with a policyholder in response to a claim — may require a bad faith claim.

Bad faith claims can be a tricky process, and more often than not, it’s a breach of contract case and not a bad faith situation. However, our insurance law professionals here at CJB Law can help determine if a viable bad faith claim does exist and how to proceed properly.

If the case involves an injury, our personal injury attorneys can make sure that you’re getting the compensation you deserve, whether it’s from the other party or the insurance companies.

Construction and engineering projects require a wide range of coverages, especially for catastrophic loss, defects, design flaws, and engineering issues. Our team here at CJB Law has represented owners, contractors, subcontractors, project managers, and engineers to assist them in acquiring coverage. From builders all-risk, construction all-risk, and professional and commercial general liability to bridge and tunnel, consequential loss, and more. Employment law may cover some of these issues, which we’re happy to assist with. However, if it’s dealing with insurance companies — we’re here as well.

We also have a successful history in a wide range of business insurance, directors, and officer’s insurance endeavors.

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