Child Sex Crimes

Everything is at risk when charged with a sex crime.

Child Sex Crimes

Sex crimes involving children are perhaps the most serious criminal offenses in terms of their ability to cause lasting damage to a person’s life. These crimes are prosecuted aggressively by state and federal prosecutors, and the mere allegation of such conduct can cast a lifelong shadow.

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At CJB Law, we represent individuals accused of a range of sex crimes, helping them minimize the harmful consequences and take every possible step to protect their rights.

We have represented people facing serious charges like: Sexual assault on a child | Solicitation or enticement of a minor | Teacher misconduct | Possession, distribution or manufacture of illegal pornography

If you are accused of using the Internet in the commission of a crime, your case may have unique issues involving evidence or jurisdiction. Contact us to discuss your case and begin building your defense.

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Sex crime cases involving children are extremely sensitive, and it is critical to treat them with civility and discretion. While it is important to respect the other people involved in your case, our primary obligation is to you. We have years of experience representing clients in difficult cases, and we will turn over every stone to get you the best possible result.

Our legal team works closely with experts and investigates the facts of the case thoroughly from the moment we begin representing you. In addition to preparing your case for trial, this often allows us to uncover evidence that law enforcement officials and prosecutors did not have, sometimes resulting in a dismissal or no criminal charge at all.

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