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Our results-driven legal team is remarkably dedicated to all matters in water and drainage law.
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CJB Law handles a wide variety of water and drainage law cases throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Our legal team is remarkably dedicated, and we have a long-established history of success representing our clients in all matters of water and drainage law. Water and drainage law cases can be emotionally charged and intimate to all parties involved. We take great care in understanding every unique detail of your case from start to finish.
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Our experienced environmental attorneys will provide you with remarkable information, advice, and guidance in your environmental legal case regardless of the type. Here at CJB Law, each environmental issue we encounter varies, meaning our skilled environmental attorneys may be meeting with clients, researching environmental legal developments, or educating the public on environmental law. Regardless of the case type, we guarantee you’ll be represented by an experienced and forward-thinking environmental attorney every time. Our water/drainage services include: Stormwater | Solid Waste | Water Quality and Wetlands | Land Reclamation | Landfills | Drainage | Underground Storage Tanks | And More

What Is Environmental Law?

The environmental law sector is a broad area of law that encompasses various issues involving the environment, such as water and air quality, waste management, hazardous waste, species protection, wetlands, and energy sources. Along with these focuses, there are many more. Our environmental attorneys are dedicated to protecting our natural resources and the regulations that impact them. The following steps are utilized by our environmental attorneys when working with individuals and communities in a case:

– Review existing data and information on a presented environmental issue
– Discuss data with industry experts inside and outside the courtroom
– Review evidence and identify any additional needs for a successful case
– Raise awareness of each party’s rights and obligations
– Present a convincing and concrete case for each client
– Assess any damages and suggest a reasonable compensation amount

Our Water and Drainage Services

The CJB Law team provides unparalleled legal services in litigation and regulatory matters concerning stormwater, erosion, and sedimentation issues. Clients in need of representation have turned to our environmental attorneys for guaranteed counseling and representation in these areas. Whether you’ve been impacted by stormwater runoff, erosion, and sediment control issues or you need advising on permitting and compliance issues related to these topics, the CJB Law environmental attorneys are here for you.

Our environmental attorneys have remarkable experience representing municipalities and public agencies in connection with solid waste management-related services. Whether you need long-term planning assistance for solid waste management needs, guidance in drafting plans and implementation, or procurement and negotiation on an assortment of solid waste disposal arrangements, we guarantee our outstanding environmental attorneys will provide you with the necessary information to reach a resolution successfully.

Public entities, farmers, industrial operators, landowners, and individuals who choose CJB Law to represent them in their water quality or wetlands cases will receive passionate advocates who navigate clean water permitting and compliance enforcement, and dispute resolution processes. Our environmental attorneys have extensive experience in providing advice and representation for various water quality issues, meaning they are familiar with both federal and state water quality laws. Water supply, protection issues, and safe drinking water are necessary for municipalities across the country; choose CJB Law for your water quality or wetlands case.

The state of landfills nationwide is vital to the health of our community members. The modern construction of landfills now requires any waste to be contained by liners to prevent dangerous chemicals and other hazardous wastes from leaking into soil and groundwater. Whether your home is located by a new or old landfill, it’s essential to monitor utilized environmental safeguards and possible chemical dumping. Any incorrect practices can directly affect you, your loved ones, and your neighborhood. The CJB Law environmental attorneys will guide you in enforcing state and federal government environmental laws to ensure adequate compensation is pursued and communities are kept clean throughout Minnesota and North Dakota.

The CJB Law team is familiar with the importance of agricultural drainage, wetlands, and water law. Drainage authorities must apply the law correctly, and our attorneys can guarantee the goals of public drainage and environmental laws are met. We have experience representing the government and citizens in an assortment of water and drainage issue cases. From property damage and malicious withholding to trespass and vandalism, the CJB Law environmental attorneys will provide you with specialist advice to effectively navigate and resolve your water drainage case.

Our environmental attorneys have numerous years of experience assisting clients in navigating legal claims for personal injuries and property damages resulting from leaking underground storage tanks. An underground storage tank connects to underground piping and stores the fuel used to fill automobiles and provide heat for select homes and businesses. Over time, underground storage tanks can leak, making the likelihood of contaminated soil and groundwater likely. Any contamination can pose a severe threat to the environment and human health, meaning the CJB Law team is here to assist you in navigating the complex federal and state regulations regarding underground storage tanks.

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