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A law firm made up of attorneys who are legal experts and who have a huge command of different areas of law.
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Outstanding legal expertise at your side every time.

CJB Law houses an incredibly talented and diverse group of civil and criminal attorneys dedicated to fighting for your rights, best interests, and freedom.

While there are hundreds of lawyers and legal professionals throughout Minnesota, very few can match our dedication and record of results. The provision of legal services has changed dramatically over time, and our attorneys have adapted to these changes to reflect our firm’s commitment to excellence and our clients.

Pillars of Success

CJB Law has decades of combined experience, knowledge, and expertise in both criminal and civil law.
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Aggressive Defense and Trusted Counsel

CJB Law has decades of combined experience, knowledge, and expertise in both criminal and civil law. We have handled a wide range of cases and reached effective outcomes for our clients at every turn. We house a stellar team of attorneys and legal professionals who truly care about their work, and it shows in our success. We combine “big city” experience with small-town sensibility and approach to customer service — setting our firm apart from the rest of the pack.
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J.J. Cline
Owner, Partner
Paul Jensen
Paul Jensen
Owner, Partner
Anthony Bussa
Owner, Partner
Crystal Lemmer
Brady Jensen - Associate Attorney
Brady Jensen
Associate Attorney
Ashley Enger
Associate Attorney
Holly Tappe
Laura Bolstad
Laura Bolstad
Heidi Sampson
Kris Kuehl
Lisa Milbeck
Kathy Mounts
Legal Assistant
Ashley Garay
Sarah Jensen
Kris Torgusson
Legal Assistant
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If you’re in need of legal support, please reach out to speak with one of our experienced legal professionals. We’ll get to know your situation and help explain what you’re facing, a plan to protect your interests, and what your next steps should be. We have an extensive network of professionals on-call to help with a wide range of civil and criminal caseloads. Hiring CJB Law means putting yourself in the best possible position to succeed.
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Contacting CJB Law is free. We understand that the criminal or civil issues you’re facing can seem daunting and even frightening. It’s our goal to put your mind at ease and your future in the right hands. Tell us about your case today.