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“I can’t say enough about JJ and his staff. He helped so much when we really needed legal counsel for a custody issue. He’s been there every step of the way with not only legal expertise but moral support. His staff is right there with kindness and understanding. He’s given us back hope for a great future. I’m truly grateful to JJ and his team for everything they have done. He truly is a credit to his profession.”

by Linda Cromwell

“Although I often make people aware of their actions and the good they do for myself, my family, my friends or any other people including strangers, I do not believe I’ve ever written a review in my 61 years of life. But, after consulting with Mr. Bussa for one day, I feel that I must go beyond a private conversation with him and write this review. The following highlights my first consultation with him.

I live in TX. Yesterday, I was attempting to find an attorney for my brother who lives in Baudette, MN. He is facing 20 years in his case which involves a co-defendant, drugs, guns, and charges that are aggravated because there is a playground or school (not sure) close to where he was arrested. Additionally, they (police) had a warrant to search my brother and his house. Finally, my brother was on probation and has a past felony conviction. We all know felonies convictions, probation, and guns do not mix.

At noon I began conducting phone interviews. Meanwhile, attorneys were returning my calls and leaving messages, I was caring for my 84 year old Mom who is recovering from hip replacement surgery, and my other brother was working in the garage. Additionally, I was attempting to plan and prep supper. In other words: Complete CHAOS. When Mr. Bussa returned my call, I could hear his children in the background. He said he was working from home so his wife could work. Wow Obviously he loves and cares for his family, so, I’m thinking he probably cares about his clients too. My attention went from a scattered mess to intense focus. After 3 questions I knew he had 15+ years of experience with the last 7+ years in his own Law firm involving 100% criminal cases–half drug cases and the other half split among assault, DWI, domestic, and sex cases. Wow. he has a lot of experience directly related to my brothers case because guns and search warrants are often involved in drug and/or assault cases. So, I describe the ALLEGED acts of the case based on a news clip and the limited information I received from my brother in the County jail. (We all know, those calls are recorded and can come out in court.) Then, Tony pulled up my brothers past convictions and present charges including new warrants for violating his ongoing probation. And, he informed me that he could work the new charges with the probation and get him bonded out within a couple days without worrying that he’d be re-arrested on the probation violations.

Although I was already excited by what I’d heard, I wanted to interview more attorneys and talk to my well connect source in Duluth Because it seemed as tho the guns (some unregistered) were the co-defendants and they were apparently being trading in Minneapolis for drugs before being re-sold in Chicago and Detroit. Owww NO. This is a co-defendant that is likely to lie to save himself at my brothers expense. Tony suggested that I check his web site and call him back. It was now 5pm.

By the time I cared for my mom, cooked supper, cleaned up, interviewed more attorneys and called Duluth, it was after 8pm. Of course Tony was probably wondering if I’d ever call back. I texted him at 8:15 saying I was checking his website. At 8:16 he texted back: “Sounds great!”. I found this Incredible because: After a 3 hour delay, with no ineruptions from him, he’s as cool as a cucumber which tells me he’s gonna be great in negotiations and/or trial. Then I accessed Tony’s website. Wow Mr. Bussa graduated from one of the best law schools in MN and he had cases listed that involved every issue important to my brothers case. Wow an Incredible resume.

At 8:44pm I text him: “I’m ready, call me at your convenience. Now or later.” Less than a minute later my phone rings. He’s on this and I have only 2 questions left. Tony there was a review in which your client wrote: “…l was the shooter…”. Was this an admission of guilt after you won the case? He said: “Yes absolutely.” Ow my Lord. Yes, yes, yes. A defense attorney that knows and understands his job and is not afraid to shout it to the world. Over 650 people confessed to the Jon Binet Ramsey murder in Boulder CO. We never, ever know the truth. A defense Attorneys job is to vigorously fight for his client, NO MATTER WHAT. This is the only way to approach fairness for any defendant. Now there’s little Tony can say or do to keep me from hiring him.

The only question left was: If I pay you $100-$200 will you call my brother in jail, talk to him and ask him to call me (we all know that you can’t call someone in jail) so I know he’s okay with hiring you? He immediately says of course–no charge. Wow, and this is an attorney, need I say more?

10 minutes later, Tony calls me back all excited because my brother has given him more information (attorney calls are not recorded) and Tony already knows the case law that he’s gonna use to get my brother acquitted of the States accusations and he’s explaining it to me. Then: “Tony my brothers calling”.”take his call and call me back”. Owwkay then. I call and he says “hire Tony”. I call Tony back at 9:20 and he finishes his story. By 9:45 I’ve hired him and I have the case law (MN vs. Sam) that’s critical to my brothers future. Tony took the time to send it to me because he already knows I’ve read hundreds of cases in the past. And, more importantly, he not only cares about his clients but also their family. Mrs. Bussa must be so proud of her husband, I know I’m impressed beyond belief and I have the experience to say so because I spent 4.5 years on a lifetime sentence in a Colorado prison for a crime that was NOT committed and I was very active in winning my direct appeal to secure my release. Thank You, Tony. You Rock.”

– T.T., a former client


“I had been accused with a crime I didn’t commit, 2nd degree assault with a deadly weapon, so I searched the web and look at videos to see if I could find anything related to my case. There are hundreds of lawyers you could pick from, but I assure you Anthony Bussa, is the right lawyer for you when it comes to any bad situation. These are the results I got from Anthony: First, Anthony will strategize what you have been charge with. Then second, he will get his best investigator team to find the source and third, they will bring everything in for a phenomenal result to execute a win.

Anthony will be there with you in every step of the way and he will explain everything in detail what he will do in an honest way. When he fought for my case, he fought like it was his own case. He will fight for you until his last breath, have a drink of water and fight again. My nationality is Hmong, but Anthony doesn’t make me feel like I’m different from him, which makes me feel like he’s an older brother and a best friend to me. My case was very tough because I was the shooter, but he didn’t have any doubts and continued to fight for my innocent. I felt like I was in a war and the enemies are closing in and there is no escape, but Anthony still stood by my side. We tried my case and Anthony got me a not guilty verdict! I will forever be indebted to him for all of the hard work he put in on my case.”

– M.Y., a former client


“Tony handled my case for me and he did an outstanding job answering all my questions quickly, with absolute knowledge, and alleviated my concerns. Tony is an experienced attorney and I would recommend him to anyone needing his help. He was able to achieve an outcome for me that was exactly what he told me and was the most beneficial result possible. I am grateful to Tony for his efforts.”

L.P., a former client


“JJ cline and his staff were amazing to deal with they knew what needed to be done in the custody battle I was dealing with. JJ himself and staff were very quick to respond on any questions I had. I would recommend them to anyone one that needs any legal advise.”

by Dane Platt

“Tony is an amazing attorney. He is th epitome of a true professional. When I brought my case to him I was a nervous wreck. He calmed my fears by providing me with the reassurance that I needed that he would handle my case properly. All while keeping me informed on any and every aspect of where my case could go. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who feels lost in the jungle that is our legal system. I can also not stress enough how calming he was when my fears were at their worst.”

Chris, a former client


“Tony Bussa handled my case with professionalism and tenacity throughout. He was detail oriented and returned all of my calls and text messages the same day. Tony was able to get my felony charge dropped and kept my job and life in order. He spoke in terms I could understand and laid out our plan of attack early on, keeping me constantly updated. Thanks Tony!”

– John, a former client


“I found myself in a very difficult legal situation and facing multiple felonies I contacted Anthony Bussa , I felt much better about my situation after are first conversation . He is very easy to get in touch with anytime I have questions or concerns about my case ,He is a Attorney that will do everything possible to stand up for his clients rights.”

– Robert, a former client

“I don’t think too many people can say they enjoy working with their lawyer, but JJ and his staff are top notch and they really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I truly enjoy working with them. They are not the cheapest in town, but I am convinced they are the best. Again, his supporting staff are part of what makes this law firm so great.”
by Jamie Miley

“Anthony is an upstanding guy, he listened to my side and followed the trail of facts. He listened to what I had to say and followed up with me each and every step of the way. Anthony did countless hours of research through documents and transcripts to pinpoint the facts that would help prove my innocence. Anthony was available to me day and night and answered all questions that I had. Anthony assured me that he would fight for me and he certainly did. We had countless conversations both face to face, over the phone, and through email. Anthony and the entire team that helped from his firm did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend his services to anyone who may need it. I am a firm believer that “You get what you pay for” and I truly believe I did. Anthony worked hard and won my case.”

– A former client


“Tony was absolutely awesome throughout my legal process. He took the time to explain in layman’s terms what was happening, what to expect; sometimes even multiple times because I was new to the entire process. I hope to never have to go through anything similar to this in the future but if I do, I’ll definitely work with Tony again!!!”

– Shevawn, a former client


“Represented me in a BWI case, and did an excellent job of representing me. Ended up pleading to Careless Boating, meaning i broke a Lake Minnetonka Conservation District ordinance. 2 days Community Service and have to attend a 1 day DWI Class. My driving record is clean and no BWI on my record. YEAH!”

– Gregory, a former client

“J.J.has been a pillar of support for our family throughout the past 6 years. During the most devastating moments in our life, regarding a vehicle accident, he was there at the hospital to reassure and let us know he could help. He fought hard on our behalf to make sure we were taken care of and he succeeded in doing so.”
by Sasha Parker