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Child support orders are a vital government responsibility at the county, state, and even federal levels. Several long-standing Minnesota Statutes are in place to provide orders of support for the children in cases where parents:
  • Divorce
  • Separate
  • Never marry
The federal government offers several funding opportunities for child support enforcement, typically applied for and distributed by individual states. Minnesota must outline its own child support legislation and comply with various federal regulations to remain eligible for such funding. CJB Law can help explore payment enforcement programs depending on you and your family’s circumstances. It’s important to note that parents are not obligated to seek support in domestic violence situations. If you feel that starting a support case could put your child at risk, several public assistance programs are in place to provide a safe alternative to necessary funding instead.
Child support orders in Minnesota include various items that aim to protect a child’s well-being and foster their upbringing through financial assistance. Your child support agreement will consist of:
  • A monetary amount meant for your child’s continued daily support
  • A monetary amount dedicated to your child’s medical care
  • Work or education-related expenses associated with your child
  • Reimbursement of any public assistance payments already made on the child’s behalf
Child support payments are often collected and disbursed by the Minnesota Child Support Payment Center, but there are several additional methods. Payments may be made directly between partners, via a pre-authorized transfer account, or even direct deposit into a bank account. In cases where a parent refuses to pay basic support, wages and other income can be withheld or withdrawn from an established escrow account, although the latter is rare. Real property liens, motor vehicle title liens, and driver’s license suspension are other actions the court often takes to enforce child support payment. If failed payments become a regular occurrence, the obligor (or owed parent) can request a six-month review in court or seek assistance from the work reporting system or parent locator services. Many channels and methods can ensure all obligated parents make the necessary payments on time.

Otherwise known as alimony, spousal maintenance is payments the courts require one spouse make to the other for support. Several factors influence whether or not spousal maintenance is awarded. These factors include, but are not limited to, the length of the marriage, contributions to the marital estate, health and education levels of both parties, financial resources, and career advancement opportunities.

Spousal maintenance also comes in two forms: temporary and permanent. We can help advocate on your behalf for fair and just spousal maintenance award, ensuring that the formal discovery phase is handled with care and complete disclosure of necessary facts and documentation.

Yes, your child support agreement can always be modified in Minnesota. Many arrangements are altered when substantial changes to income, financial circumstances, or parenting time schedules occur. Minnesota family courts consider child support modifications if the new order results in an amount higher or lower than 20 percent of the past agreement and at least a $75 difference. CJB Law can also offer legal assistance when you want to modify your Minnesota child support agreement.
The majority of child support orders will end once a child reaches high school graduation. Minnesota law defines a child as someone:
  • Below the age of 18
  • Under the age of 20 and still enrolled in high school
  • Of any age who is unable to support themselves due to physical or mental disabilities
While most parents can expect child support agreements to end around 18, these orders can often continue into adulthood for children with special mental or medical needs.
Retaining a reliable attorney should be your first step in a child support case. CJB Law is a dedicated child support law firm in Minnesota, making it easy and stress-free to seek the child support you’re owed after a separation or divorce. We advocate for you and your child during initial assessments to ensure a suitable financial support arrangement is met. Whether you’re recently divorced or separated or never married at all, our team of experienced attorneys can help you breeze through an otherwise tense and trying time. Get in touch with a Minnesota child support attorney you can trust today to reach an agreement that allows your child to thrive.
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