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Our results-driven legal team is remarkably dedicated in all matters of family law.
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CJB Law handles a wide variety of family law cases throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Our legal team is remarkably dedicated, and we have a long-established history of success representing our clients in all matters of family law. Family law cases can be emotionally charged and intimate to all parties involved. We take great care in understanding every unique detail of your case from start to finish.
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We will thoroughly explain the law and its application to your specific case. Most importantly, we will develop a plan and help establish reasonable objectives for your case that will yield successful results. Below are the areas our experienced attorneys practice family law in:
Divorce/Separation | Custody | Child Support | Spousal Maintenance | Paternity | Adoption | Modifications/Enforcement of Orders

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Unfortunately, not all marriages make it the distance. The decision to get a divorce can be a difficult one, but the road ahead can be made easier with the right support. Our legal team is here to help work on your behalf to ensure all areas of your divorce are taken care of fairly and with respect.

A divorce can have a significant impact on marital property, child custody, future spousal maintenance, and other areas that can cause contention between parties. Hiring the right legal team for your divorce can make all the difference.

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One of the most heartbreaking possibilities in a divorce is child custody battles. While the courts are in place to determine which household is in the best interest of the child, a family law team can help advocate for a form of custody that aligns with your interest.

A contested child custody proceeding can be complicated, and a neutral expert may be introduced to evaluate the parties involved. No matter what, the law will support a child’s best interest, however possible. We’ll work on your behalf to stand by your child’s best interest and protect your requests.

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Like child custody cases, child support endeavors can be equally emotional and difficult. So, how does child support work? Each state has its own way of managing the amount of child support awarded to a parent. In Minnesota, a child support decision is based upon:

  • How many children the parents have together or from another relationship
  • Whether or not a parent is ordered to pay spousal maintenance (and the amount)
  • Which parent handles health and dental care coverage for the child (and the cost)
  • The number of overnights each parent has with the child each year

While the amount of child support is set based on factors determined by the courts, there is room for negotiation. We’ll work with you to decide which child support agreement fits your case and family.

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Otherwise known as alimony, spousal maintenance is payments the courts require one spouse make to the other for support. Several factors influence whether or not spousal maintenance is awarded. These factors include, but are not limited to, the length of the marriage, contributions to the marital estate, health and education levels of both parties, financial resources, and career advancement opportunities.

Spousal maintenance also comes in two forms: temporary and permanent. We can help advocate on your behalf for fair and just spousal maintenance award, ensuring that the formal discovery phase is handled with care and complete disclosure of necessary facts and documentation.

For a child who cannot be raised by their birth parents, adoption offers an incredible opportunity for a new family.

Granting adoption orders gives legal responsibility and rights to the adoptive parent(s). Adoption is a lifelong commitment, one that gives a child or children the opportunity to become part of their adoptive family.

There are several types of adoption in the state of Minnesota, all with varying levels of complexity.

  • Direct placement adoptions occur when the birth mother/parents select the adoptive parent(s) and the child is placed directly with the adoptive parent or parents
  • Agency adoptions are a common method for adoptions in Minnesota, where state-licensed adoption agencies match a child with a family
  • Relative adoptions happen when a child is adopted by a member of the family
  • Stepparent adoptions are when a stepparent adopts a child of their current spouse
  • Adult adoptions occur when an adult is adopted by another adult to establish a parent/child relationship.
  • Interstate adoptions have certain complexities and occur when the child is born in a particular state, but their adoptive parents live in another state.

Contested adoptions do happen, and occur when a person is objecting to the adoptive parents or the entire process of adoption.

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