Assault Crimes

A knowledgeable defense is the best way to defend yourself.

Assault Crimes

Allegations of assault can come in the blink of an eye. An escalated argument, a domestic disturbance, protecting oneself from potential violence or even nothing at all can trigger an assault charge. Whether you have been formally charged or suspect you may be accused of assault, retaining a knowledgeable defense attorney is the best way to defend yourself against criminal charges.

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CJB Law houses a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys who have built a career on helping people accused of assault and other crimes. Our goal is to secure the best possible outcome in your case, handling every facet so you can move on with your life.

If you are charged with assault, the judge may issue a “no-contact order” that will prohibit any contact with the alleged victim of the assault crime—and can include any children who were present during the alleged assault—in any fashion. This includes personal contact, telephone calls, emails, text messages and third-party contact. A judge can even ban a person from going to your own home if the alleged victim lives there.

A conviction can carry jail or prison time as well as many real-world consequences like difficulty finding employment, securing housing, prohibition on volunteer activities, coaching, chaperoning school events or supervising students, children, or vulnerable adults.

Domestic assault allegations carry unique penalties, including domestic violence restraining orders and the inability to own or use a firearm – even for hunting. If you have been accused of domestic assault, it is critical that you seek help immediately and begin taking steps to improve your situation. We can help.

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