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Our results-driven legal team is remarkably dedicated in all matters of employment law.
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CJB Law handles a wide variety of employment law cases throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Our legal team is remarkably dedicated, and we have a long-established history of success representing our clients in all matters of employment law. Employment law cases can be emotionally charged and intimate to all parties involved. We take great care in understanding every unique detail of your case from start to finish.

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With every one of our clients, we provide clarity and transparency in our casework, ensuring that your specific experience is communicated effectively and handled with care. We’ll work with you to establish reasonable goals and expectations that will achieve results. Our employment law background includes: Workplace Discrimination | Employment Retaliation | Sexual Harassment | Disability & Medical Leave Discrimination | Wrongful Termination | Professional Service Contracts | Professional Manuals | Worker’s Compensation

At CJB Law, we know how discrimination in the workplace can have a significant impact on an individual’s well-being and future. Unfortunately, it’s still all too common as well. Discrimination due to age, race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, family, or even marital status remains protected status that our attorneys focus on. While training, workshops, and policies are in-place, discrimination can still occur. We’ll fight on your behalf.

Whenever an employee or even an applicant is treated differently because of protected status, it is considered workplace discrimination. These situations can be obvious, but more often than not, they are subtle. Employees often require support, especially those with longstanding experience with these issues, to help prove their case is discriminatory.

For employment law, employment retaliation is often a tricky situation and can, at times, be difficult to prove. It comes in many forms, whether it be punishing a whistleblower or simply revenge based on a myriad of circumstances. However, we understand how to advocate for our clients about these issues candidly and clearly for the best possible result.

Sexual harassment has been a longstanding issue far before the #MeToo movement, and our attorneys are here to help fight on your behalf. Your rights and well-being are important to us, and we understand that sexual harassment and sexual assault continue to be a problem in the workplace. We’ll advocate against sexual harassment in the workplace with you, upholding your rights every step of the way.

CJB Law is committed to eliminating harassment from areas of employment by holding workplace offenders accountable. This includes corporate enablers as well, and we understand that silencing victims is not the answer. We won’t give up on your rights to be a part of a workplace environment that is free from sexual harassment.

The wrongful termination attorneys here at CJB Law are well-versed in employment law and will provide sound legal counsel to those who have undergone wrongful termination. Employment rights and “employment at will” are not inconsistent with one another, and we’ll advocate for your right to work.

Employees often don’t realize that they have a number of rights and protections when it comes to their termination. We empower terminated employees with the knowledge and support they need to enforce rights that may have been taken advantage of.

Employees with disabilities or who require leave based on medical conditions, or health concerns often rely on legal backing and protection of the law. Unfortunately, disability and medical leave often involves a complex matrix of federal and state law and regulations which can be very difficult to understand. The employment attorneys at CJB Law are here to support those with conditions that may make employment challenging and offer sound legal guidance.

Our experienced employment attorneys can serve as a valuable asset to assist you with signing an employment contract. We can review the material in great detail, ensuring that it is legally enforceable and explain every aspect in a way that is digestible. Signing an employment contract can be a legally binding endeavor, and having a keen understanding of what you are signing is extremely important. Employment manuals may also be signed documentation and may contain verbiage that our employment attorneys can review and explain to you with ease.

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