Woman busted after posting she would “never be caught”

Throughout history, many people in Minnesota and elsewhere have gotten away with various crimes. However, most of them didn’t make the mistake of drawing unwanted attention to themselves by taunting that they would “never be caught” on social media.

On Oct. 8, a 31-year-old woman wanted on 16 outstanding warrants was arrested in Michigan City, Indiana. She was taken into custody after members of the Twin Cities Apprehension Team found Facebook posts in which she claimed that she would “never” be apprehended for her alleged crimes. The team posted several of her messages on its Facebook page and began looking for her, searching various properties in North Dakota and Minnesota before locating her in northern Indiana. She was found less than 24 hours after TCAT officers posted her messages. A local informant reportedly told authorities where she was hiding out.

According to local media reports, the defendant was wanted for felony first-degree criminal damage to property, felony theft, felony domestic assault and felony aiding and abetting financial transaction card fraud. She was additionally wanted for felony wrongfully obtaining assistance by false statement, impersonation or concealment, felony DWI and multiple gross misdemeanor criminal charges.

Defendants facing multiple criminal charges may wish to retain a criminal defense attorney to represent them in court. The attorney might review the charges and work to poke holes in the prosecution’s case, which may lead to some or all of the charges being dropped. However, in some cases, the attorney may advise entering into plea negotiations with prosecutors. Under a plea deal, the defendant might be allowed to plead guilty to reduced charges for a significantly lighter sentence.

Source: Journal-News, “Minnesota fugitive who taunted police she’d ‘never be caught’ arrested in Indiana,” Bob D’Angelo, Oct 10, 2018