What to do when facing federal criminal charges

No one wants to face criminal charges, but anyone can be swept up by federal criminal charges. This can be as a result of working for the wrong employer, having the wrong friends or just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. And, when this happens, the accused needs to know what to do, which is where Bussa Law can help.

When charged, please understand it is serious

When charged with a federal crime, one must understand how serious those charges are and the consequences that can follow if one is convicted. Indeed, when one is facing the federal government, they are not just facing the U.S. Attorney, they are facing the unlimited resources of the U.S. government. And, unfortunately, for those in this situation, they will quickly realize that federal prosecutors can be extremely zealous and federal criminal penalties can me much more severe than state-level crimes. This is why it is so important to contact Bussa Law immediately.

Experience and resources matter

Because of the seriousness of what one is facing, it is important to not trust the inexperience of a normal criminal defense lawyer or the overworked hands of a federal defenders. Unfortunately, federally appointed defense attorneys are not equipped or given the same resources as their prosecutorial brethren. It is just a fact of their existence that they are overworked, under staffed and not given the same unlimited war chest that is at the U.S. Attorney’s disposal.

Luckily, at Bussa Law in Fergus Falls, our firm has the wealth of experience and resources defendants need when facings federal criminal charges. Attorney Anthony Bussa knows the U.S. Attorney’s prosecution strategies and how to counter them in federal courts. He has the skills and experience needed to build strong legal defense arguments and present them at trial, and the ability to negotiate criminal charges down or get them dismissed entirely.

The reach of the federal government

Some may not realize, but the reach of the federal government is extremely long. Federal criminal charges can cover a wide range of alleged criminal acts. These acts include

Kidnapping, conspiracy to commit drug crimes, drug trafficking, armed robbery, weapons crimes, embezzlement (and other white collar crimes, like credit card fraud and tax evasion) and even child pornography charges. The consequences of a conviction carry not just still monetary fines and long prison sentences, but they follow one in life, like negatively effecting one’s career, immigration status, the ability to vote or even own a firearm. This is why we offer a free consultation. Our Fergus Falls, Minnesota, firm will review the facts of one’s case and recommend an effective course of action.