Violent Crimes

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Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are taken very seriously by law enforcement officials and prosecutors, and a conviction often carries severe penalties. When you may be facing years in prison, it is essential to secure experienced legal guidance from a dedicated advocate.

At CJB Law, we are those advocates. We guide clients through the criminal justice process, fighting for their rights at every step.

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Many of our clients benefit from CJB Law’s experience negotiating favorable outcomes with the prosecution, or having charges dismissed completely. However, when trial is the best way to aggressively protect your rights, our years of experience trying and winning serious felony cases are invaluable. Our violent crimes attorneys have represented individuals accused of crimes like: Murder or attempted murder | Manslaughter | All types of assault | Robbery or aggravated robbery | Domestic violence | Sexual assault | Carjacking | Kidnapping | Arson | Weapons-related crimes

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