Task force helps take several into custody

Authorities in Minnesota reported that seven people had been taken into custody on drug charges. Four people were taken into custody near the White Earth Indian Reservation as the result of action taken by the Paul Bunyan Task Force. During that raid, investigators say that they recovered 32 grams of heroin and a gun at a residence in the area.

Police were able to purchase heroin from a 48-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman at the Leech Lake Indian Reservation. The man was charged with first-degree sale of a controlled substance. Another person was taken into custody at the Paul Bunyan Mall, and heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine was taken from that person in addition to mushrooms.

An individual who is charged with possessing, selling or distributing a controlled substance may face a variety of serious consequences. These consequences may include incarceration, probation and a fine. It may also include community service or being asked to wear a monitoring device. However, an attorney may be able to take steps to obtain a favorable outcome for an individual. This may mean that a case is thrown out before trial or that a person is acquitted by a jury.

An attorney may ask that evidence be suppressed because it was obtained incorrectly or illegally. For instance, if a person was manipulated into selling a controlled substance to authorities, that could be considered entrappment. If a person was forced to carry a controlled substance on another person’s behalf, that may also be grounds to ask that a charge be dropped. If necessary, legal counsel could help to negotiate a plea deal that eliminates some or all penalties a person may face.