Reasons for Acquiring Pre-Charge Representation

pre-charge representation

Acquiring pre-charge representation is an active step in taking control of your future. Instead of waiting to hear the details of any criminal charges you may face, you can proactively secure a reliable attorney for your needs.

By retaining pre-charge representation, you get a jump start on your case instead of wasting precious time trying to find a lawyer who can take your case. There are many reasons you should acquire pre-charge representation.

What Happens With the Pre-Charge Investigation?

pre-charge representation

In a pre-charge investigation, law enforcement can look into suspects without formally charging them with a crime. The police might bring you in for questioning but release you without taking action. This stage can cause a lot of anxiety because law enforcement can arrest you at any time. Having an attorney on your side simplifies this period.

Whether law enforcement drops your case or brings criminal charges against you, your lawyer will already have the necessary information to start fighting your case.

Why You Need Pre-Charge Representation

Many people think they don’t need a criminal defense attorney until law enforcement officially arrests them. Finding pre-charge representation helps you feel empowered before you face charges because you can choose your attorney, fill them in on the case, and have them advocate for you from the beginning.

Deal With Law Enforcement

An attorney will deal with law enforcement, so you don’t have to worry about them misconstruing your words. You can refuse to talk without your attorney present, which means having pre-charge representation will significantly benefit your case.

Obtain Witnesses

Your lawyer will help obtain witnesses who can provide credible statements about your character and the case. These witness statements can impact the situation before it goes to trial, so having pre-charge representation can make a major difference in the timeline.

Prepare for Opposing Evidence

An attorney goes beyond building a clear case for you and looks ahead to see what evidence the opposition may have against you. It’s possible that your attorney can cross-examine any opposing witnesses to discredit them and help build your case.

Negotiate With Prosecutors

Because your attorney knows all the relevant Minnesota laws, they’re prepared to apply them to your case without rushing to get something together after you receive official charges. They have time to research current cases that may help change the outcome of your charges.

If the case goes to trial, your lawyer understands how to negotiate with prosecutors to discredit any additional charges they stacked against you.

When to Secure Pre-Charge Representation

As the name implies, you can acquire pre-charge representation before law enforcement charges you with a crime. As soon as you’re aware of potential charges, you can hire a lawyer. You might hear about an ongoing investigation and decide to retain an attorney to help you navigate the legal system.

Getting pre-charge representation can make a big difference in a case. Your attorney might be able to compile witnesses and evidence that prove you didn’t play a part in the crime, meaning law enforcement never brings charges against you.

How an Attorney Can Help

pre-charge representation

Sometimes the pre-charge investigation might lead to a case dismissal, but it could go to trial. The trial outcome can vary, with you serving prison time or needing to register as a sex offender. An attorney can help you every step of the way.

Contact CJB Law today for a free case evaluation. We’ll look into your case and help you navigate the legal process without stress. We have a team of lawyers across Minnesota ready to provide pre-charge representation, so you can confidently work with us and know we’ll get the best possible outcome for your case.