NFL player detained on suspicion of DUI

Minnesota football fans may be interested to learn that Aaron Neary, currently a center on the Los Angeles Rams practice squad, was detained for driving while intoxicated on Sept. 16. The incident occurred in Simi Valley, Calif., during the early evening hours. Local police were alerted to the alleged incident when 911 calls began coming in claiming that a person was driving their vehicle erratically.

Witnesses alleged that the individual driving the vehicle had crashed into multiple objects, including mailboxes, trash cans and a bus stop sign. Furthermore, the motorist continued to drive erratically after the collisions. Officers located the vehicle and pulled over Neary, who was believed to be drunk after a Breathalyzer field test was administered. He blew a BAC level of .17 percent, which is more than twice the legal limit.

After the results came in, Neary was detained at the East County Jail. He has been charged with a misdemeanor DUI, property damage and hit and run. The incident occurred just hours after the Rams won a home game against the Arizona Cardinals. Neary has been with the Rams since 2017. He was signed over to the Ram’s practice squad five days before the alleged incident occurred.

Being charged with drunk driving can have serious consequences. A person who is convicted may face time in prison, fines and/or community service and more. Most DWI prosecutors rely on the evidence that was obtained by police officers at the scene. In this case, a lawyer may be able to dispute the results of the Breathalyzer test that was obtained, which could lead to the case being dismissed or the charges being reduced.