Minnesota law enforcement plans holiday DWI enforcement blitz

There is no debate that drivers who get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or using drugs can cause danger on the Minnesota roadways. With that in mind, law enforcement is vigilant in trying to catch drivers who might be driving while intoxicated. Since there are certain times of the year when DWI incidents are more prevalent, police will move forward with enhanced enforcement to address the issue. Recently, it was revealed that law enforcement will be out in heavy numbers during the holiday season to catch drivers who are committing DWI. Those who are caught and charged should understand the value of a strong defense.

Weekends will have greater DWI enforcement across the state

The emphasis on DWI began right before Thanksgiving and will continue through the end of 2020. Even with the expectation that fewer people will be attending gatherings and events related to the holidays because of the ongoing health crisis, DWI remains a fundamental concern. It is understandable given the number of injuries and fatalities that result from DWI. Between 2015 and 2019, the state had an average of 357 serious injuries in DWI crashes. There were also 28 fatalities in those years during the holidays. Overall during that time, 413 people died. In 2019, there were 89 deaths.

If this trend continues, it could strain an already overwhelmed health care system. Approximately one in four road fatalities is because of drunk driving. With that, people could find themselves subject to a traffic stop, an investigation, testing and a subsequent arrest. The penalties may include a driver’s license suspension, fines and other costs. The blood-alcohol concentration and what the driver registers can be fundamental parts of how severe the penalties may be. The higher the BAC, the worse it is. Depending on the number of times a driver was convicted, the consequences will escalate.

There are effective defenses when charged with DWI

Although testing procedures are meant to be scientifically accurate, there are strategies to call the case into question and achieve a positive result. If the traffic stop itself was not made for a legitimate reason, if the officers did not follow established protocol, or if there was an issue or issues with the evidence, the person could be acquitted. There may even be alternatives available to achieve a favorable result, avoid jail time and retain driving privileges. When arrested for DWI during the holidays or at any other time, consulting with an experienced legal professional may help with a defense to avoid a conviction.