Mayor pleads guilty to DWI after crashing in snow bank

It’s not too often that you hear about the city’s mayor getting drunk and driving, but that’s what happened in this case out of Minnesota. According to a report from May 7, Minnesota Mayor Mike Maguire admitted that he had been drinking while watching the Vikings place in January. Then, he went on to drive.

The mayor pleaded guilty in his case, stating that he accepted responsibility for the consequences of the errors he had made. On that day in January, he had crashed with a blood-alcohol concentration of approximately 0.19%, which is over twice the state’s legal limit. He faced two counts for third-degree driving while impaired.

Maguire has been the mayor of Eagan, Minnesota, since 2007 and hadn’t previously spoken out about the incident. He is currently in office and is expected to serve until 2022.

In this case, the mayor of this city decided to take responsibility for his actions, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should. If you were not over the limit or significantly over the limit, feel that the stop was improper or believe that there are other aspects of your case that need to be addressed, it’s worth talking to your attorney about building a defense. Anyone who is accused of a crime is innocent until proven otherwise, and your attorney will work hard to minimize the damage to your reputation and lifestyle.

DWIs can be expensive and time-intensive to deal with, so it’s a wise choice to get started on your defense and to learn more about your options as soon as you can.