Man ingests cocaine hidden in pants, has stomach pumped

A Minnesota man had to have his stomach pumped after he reportedly took cocaine that was hidden between his butt cheeks and ingested it while in police custody. The incident took place in mid-November in Rochester.

According to local media reports, Rochester police received a report about property damage by someone who could have a gun. Responding officers encountered the defendant, age 25, and searched him. While patting him down, they reportedly felt an object the “size of a bouncy ball” in the rear of his pants. They placed him under arrest and transported him to the local jail for processing. During the journey, he apparently retrieved the ball-shaped object, which was filled with cocaine, from his pants and ingested the drugs. After arriving at the jail, he began coughing. Officers then noticed white powder around his nose and took him to St. Mary’s Hospital to have his stomach pumped.

In addition to the drugs the defendant consumed, officers discovered another 23.66 grams of what appeared to be cocaine in the back of the police cruiser and on the ground. The defendant is facing two drug charges and a charge of obstructing the legal process and interfering with a police officer.

Individuals facing drug charges may not know what to do or how to plead in court. However, a criminal defense attorney may review the case and help the defendant understand his or her legal options. In some cases, it might make sense to fight the charges in court. However, in other cases, it might be better to seek a plea deal that reduces the charges and penalties. For example, it may be possible for a defendant to complete a drug diversion program instead of going to jail.

Source: Minnesota CBS, “Man Who Hid Cocaine In Butt Has Stomach Pumped After Ingesting It,” Nov. 5, 2018