Federal agents conduct undercover narcotics sting

A multistate narcotics investigation was concluded in Minnesota on April 4 when two men were taken into custody by federal agents on drug trafficking charges. The investigation began when a vehicle was pulled over in Colorado on April 3 for a minor traffic violation. Troopers from the Colorado State Patrol teamed up with Drug Enforcement Administration agents during the two-day operation.

The series of events began when the CSP trooper who made the traffic stop on the eastbound lanes of Interstate 70 said they noticed that the man behind the wheel was extremely nervous. When pressed about his behavior, the man is alleged to have given the trooper permission to search his vehicle. During the ensuing search, the trooper says that they discovered a sophisticated hidden compartment containing 55 pounds of a substance thought to be methamphetamine. According to media reports, the compartment was located between the trunk and back seat and opened with a switch.

The discovery prompted the CSP to notify the DEA. Agents then persuaded the man to cooperate and transport the drugs to a St. Paul hotel room as planned. In addition to taking two more suspects into custody, the hotel room sting reportedly led to the seizure of $53,000 in currency and a further 12 pounds of methamphetamine. All three of the suspects were later charged in a Minnesota federal court.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys would likely advise their clients against giving police consent to conduct warrantless searches. They may also urge them not to agree to cooperate with law enforcement in narcotics operations unless the prosecutor involved has agreed to reduce or dismiss the drug charges against them. This is because the promises made by police officers or federal agents carry little weight in plea negotiations.

Source: The Daily Sentinal, Large meth bust on I-70 leads to arrests in Minnesota, Katie Langford, April 11, 2019