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One common outcome in a Minnesota divorce is a court order for spousal maintenance or alimony. This order requires regular payments from one spouse to the other, and a variety of factors are reviewed to determine which spouse pays for spousal maintenance. If your spouse received a court order and has violated the terms, it’s time to seek legal guidance regarding the matter. The legal team at CJB Law is familiar with spousal maintenance and alimony cases, meaning we’re prepared to represent you in the best way possible. Contact a CJB Law spousal maintenance attorney today for help with your case.

What to Do When Your Spouse Violates a Court Order

Notifying the court of the violation is crucial for your case. At CJB Law, our spousal maintenance attorneys understand Minnesota law as it applies to spousal maintenance cases.

Hiring a spousal maintenance attorney from our team to represent you through this challenging time can help to ensure you follow the correct process. The sooner you reach out to us for a free, no-obligation case evaluation, the faster we can get to work for you. 

A court order is not a suggestion – it is a legal mandate that your spouse must honor. Therefore, a spouse may not simply ignore the order due to revenge or other poor reasons. 

When your spouse fails to obey a court order, taking legal action is your right. Do not delay taking action as soon as possible in hopes that your spouse may take action independently. If they choose to miss the first payment, chances are they feel defiant and will ignore others. 

Get the help you need for pursuing justice by contacting CJB Law without delay. A member of our team will carefully review the order and inform you how to best move forward with your case. 

How to Enforce a Court Order

There are several options available for when your spouse violates a court order. For example, you may initiate a contempt of court action against your spouse or file an Affidavit of Default. How you proceed with enforcing a court order can significantly impact the outcome. Hiring a lawyer can protect you against mistakes that can jeopardize any judgment you may receive. 

Contempt of Court

If your spouse does not pay the court-ordered spousal maintenance, you may bring a contempt of court charge against them. This step enables the court to hold your spouse in contempt for non-payment. 

If found in contempt, your spouse may face:

  • Fines
  • Interception of state and federal taxes
  • Liens against property
  • Jail time

Affidavit of Default and Notice of Entry and Docketing of Maintenance Judgment

Minnesota law allows spouses to pursue an Affidavit of Default and Notice of Entry and Docketing of Maintenance Judgment. Once served, spouses generally have 20 days to:

  • Pay the amount owed
  • Request a hearing to address the issue

Either process can cause you stress and anxiety. A spousal support attorney from CJB Law can determine which course of action is best for your case and manage the details on your behalf. 

Our experience includes working with clients who, like you, faced a defiant spouse. Failure to adhere to the terms of a court order regarding spousal maintenance is unacceptable. Fight for the spousal maintenance the court ordered your spouse to pay. CJB Law stands ready to support your fight by protecting your best interests throughout the process.

Mediation vs. Contempt of Court

It is sometimes possible to settle a court order violation through mediation. It is a way to avoid the time and expense of court. Both sides work with a mediator to talk about the problem and reach an agreeable solution.

A mediation process is an option that sometimes appeals to couples who seek to resolve their issue as amicably as possible. Having an attorney present by your side can provide you with peace of mind as you negotiate for a fair outcome.

If your spouse refuses to participate in mediation, it leaves you no choice but to pursue contempt of court. Either way, hiring an attorney knowledgeable about the mediation and contempt of court process is vital for your case. Mediation without an attorney by your side can lead you to make decisions that adversely affect your future.

If you are unsure which path to take for pursuing the spousal maintenance owed to you, we can help. Book your free, no-obligation consultation with CJB Law now.

How Can an Alimony Lawyer Help Your Case?

When it comes to a divorce, the court may issue an order regarding alimony. However, whether the responsible spouse adheres to the order is often unpredictable until it is time to receive your spousal maintenance payment.

Cases involving family law require a dedication of time and attention – something your busy life does not provide. A Minnesota spousal maintenance and alimony lawyer will pursue the best methods to enforce a court order.

Court paperwork, phone calls, emails, research, and more are just a few examples of how a lawyer can help you. Your divorce was most likely emotional and somewhat traumatic. Fighting your spouse for the alimony they owe is something you should not fight alone.

If your Minnesota divorce is not yet resolved due to the violation of a court order, seek assistance from an alimony lawyer at CJB Law. Matters involving family law are generally complex and demand strict attention to Minnesota law.

The purpose of spousal support is to help one spouse maintain a similar lifestyle to what they were once used to during the marriage. Struggling to provide for your basic needs due to harsh feelings and a reluctant spouse is unfair and unjust.

The spousal maintenance attorneys at CJB Law are proud to apply industry-leading skills, knowledge, and experience to your case. From negotiations to a contempt of court charge, we stand by spouses who hire us to represent them.

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The violation of a court order for spousal maintenance is a frustrating experience for those expecting the payments. Although you may feel defeated or reluctant to take your spouse to court, it is sometimes necessary for pursuing justice.

Talk to an experienced attorney now. You will find our team friendly and willing to listen. You can contact us online today. CJB Law has four convenient Minnesota offices, making it easy to serve you.

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