Even a first-offense DWI has significant consequences

Minnesota is notoriously hard on drunk drivers, but many people still choose to drive while intoxicated every day. As someone who tries to wait until you sober up before driving home, you know the risks that come with drinking and driving. You don’t want to get a DWI or to face trouble from the police. Your goal is to get from one place to another safely.

Unfortunately, if you’ve had anything to drink at all, you could face DWI charges even if you’re under the legal limit. If you happen to be over .08%, it just means that the police need no further evidence. If you are below that percentage and were perceived as driving recklessly, you could still face charges.

Did you know that a first-offense DWI in Minnesota comes with a possible punishment of 90 days in jail and fine of $1,000? That’s a severe punishment for a single night’s mistake. That’s why it’s very important that you work hard to defend yourself if you’re facing DWI charges.

What is interesting is that the heavy fines and consequences in place don’t necessarily deter people from drinking and driving. When you’re impaired, you’re less likely to think through your actions. You might decide to do what is socially acceptable rather than legally acceptable, putting yourself at risk of charges.

If you were driving with your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) below .08%, there is a better chance that you can fight the charges and have the penalties reduced or eliminated completely. Our website has more on what to do if you’re accused of drunk driving when you think you’re sober or under the limit.