Eat, drink, and be careful

Did you have a good St. Patrick’s Day? You do not have to be Irish in Minnesota to partake in the festivities, as nearly all Twin Cities residents celebrate this jovial holiday. Last week, streets were overflowing with green: green clothing, green food and green beer. Drinking is a staple of this Irish celebration. Every bar from Kieran’s to O’Gara’s was packed with imbibers.

As you were jigging and drinking, did you notice the extra police patrols? They were on the lookout for motorists that had a little too much of the green ale.

St. Patrick’s Day arrests

According to the State Patrol, St. Paddy’s is one of the most dangerous nights on Minnesota roads. In fact, 136 drivers were arrested for drunk driving last year. As a result, authorities always encourage locals to secure a sober ride for this holiday. 

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety reports that law enforcement made 1,192 St. Paddy’s arrests in Minnesota over the past five years. Therefore, it’s important that participating locals always arrange a sober ride with a friend; take the light rail/bus; or call a taxi. Getting behind the wheel is not worth the risk.

If you happened to be one of the few unlucky Minnesotans this St. Paddy’s Day, do not beat yourself up. You have rights, as well as options. The first thing you want to do is contact a local attorney. A criminal law defense lawyer can help you assess what happened.

It is easy to be pulled over – especially when patrolling is maximized. However, this does not mean you are guilty. Speak to a lawyer about what to do.