Drug raid yields massive meth, cocaine haul

On Jan. 31, Minnesota authorities announced a massive drug bust that could be worth well over $1 million. The bust was made during a raid on a property in West St. Paul.

According to local media reports, officers from the Dakota County Drug Force executed a search warrant at the property and turned up 45 pounds of methamphetamine, 15.5 kilograms of cocaine and over $710,000 in cash drug profits. While an official estimate of the monetary value of the drugs has not yet been released, going rates in Minnesota suggest that methamphetamine alone could be worth over $1 million on the street. Meanwhile, the seized cocaine could have a street value of up to $527,000.

A K-9 narcotics officer named Crystal assisted with the raid, according to the West St. Paul Police Department. The department also announced that the cash seized during the operation would be divided between various federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies.

Individuals charged with drug trafficking and other drug charges could face serious consequences, such as decades behind bars, steep fines, the forfeiture of personal property and a permanent criminal record. Because the stakes are so high, it may be advisable for drug defendants to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately following their arrest. An attorney could review the evidence and attempt to poke holes in the prosecution’s case, which could cause the charges to be dropped. If the evidence appears solid, the attorney could work to negotiate a plea bargain that reduces the charges, which could help the defendant obtain a more lenient sentence.

Source: Bring Me The News, “Meth, cocaine and $710K in cash seized in West St. Paul“, Adam Uren, Jan. 31, 2019