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State of Minnesota v. T.S. (Otter Tail County, 2019)

The State charged Client with Felony Mail Theft for allegedly stealing a family members mail as a form of revenge for debts owed. However, through vigorous pre-trial litigation, the judge granted our motion to dismiss all charges for a lack of probable cause because there was no evidence that Client intentionally stole the alleged victim’s mail with the intent to defraud the alleged victim. All charges against Client were DISMISSED.

State of Minnesota v. C.T. (Ramsey County, 2015)

Client was charged with multiple counts of Gross Misdemeanor Theft by Swindle. Client maintained his innocence. Through a thorough investigation, we proved that Client was not present during the swindle, but rather his employees went rouge and solicited business and did not complete it. The employees since were let go from company and could not attest this reality. However, after negotiating with the State, the State agreed to DISMISS all charges against Client. Client can move on without a criminal record that would have destroyed his business and his personal life. Persistence pays off!

State of Minnesota v. A.S. (Dakota County, 2015)

Client was charged with felony theft based upon alleged fraudulent misrepresentations to achieve government funds. After much negotiation and proof that my client made good faith attempts to make amends, the State DISMISSED the charges. Overturning every stone and perseverance paid enormous dividends.

State of Minnesota v. A.B. (Hennepin County, 2015)

Client was at a local bar with his wife. Client drank to excess and began to walk the streets and came across a locked cop car. Client grabbed the handle to the cop car and began to wiggle it. Client was charged with Tampering with a Motor Vehicle simply because it was a cop’s car. After thoroughly researching the case law on this issue, the State DISMISSED all charges because merely wiggling a car’s door handle does not constitute Tampering with a Motor Vehicle.

State of Minnesota v. N.P. (Hennepin County, 2014):

Client was charged with theft of multiple items from multiple retail stores. Client was going through some very difficult times in her life, both personally and with the use of controlled substances. After independent investigation and intense negotiations, State agreed to DISMISS all of the theft charges.

State of Minnesota v. C.H. (Hennepin County, 2014):

Client was charged with Criminal Damage to Property for allegedly breaking the alleged victim’s prescription glasses in a fit of rage. However, after receiving evidence from Client’s confidant who was present during the altercation, and seeking out the alleged victim’s criminal history, we asserted that Client broke the glasses as the only means of defending herself and her friend against the physical actions of the alleged victim. On the eve of trial, the State agreed to DISMISS all charges against Client.

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