Juvenile Crime Case Results

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In the Matter of the Welfare of D.D.M (Hennepin County, 2013):

Client was a juvenile and was charged with Second Degree Assault for allegedly shooting another individual. The State aggressively sought to certify Client as an adult so that he could be sent to adult prison for a presumptive prison commit sentence. We were able to suppress all evidence of any gang evidence associated with Client as well as compromising photographs. After a certification trial, a judge agreed NOT TO CERTIFY Client as an adult as the juvenile justice system was better situated to help rehabilitate Client as opposed to adult criminal sanctions.

In the Matter of the Welfare of C.N. (Anoka County, 2013):

Client was charged with unlawful possession of an explosive device. Client and a friend were engaging in a modified science class experiment with the aid of gun powder. Their device accident exploded, which caused some minor damage to a neighboring house. State charged Client with felony unlawful possession of an explosive device. On the eve of trial, the State DISMISSED the felony charges after we brought a motion to preclude any testimony on the device’s explosiveness because the State did not present sufficient expert evidence.

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