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State of Minnesota v. M.K. (Anoka County, 2016)

Client was charged with DWI after law enforcement stopped Client’s vehicle for allegedly crossing the fog line. Client had multiple prior DWI convictions and the State was bent on proving Client’s guilt, which would have had massive repercussions for Client’s driver’s license status and criminal record. However, at a contested hearing, we demonstrated that law enforcement jumped the gun and could not, nor did not, observe Defendant cross the fog line based on law enforcement’s position compared to Client’s driving conduct. The court determined that law enforcement’s observations were not correct, and DISMISSED the State’s cases against Defendant. Hard work, and a relentless defense of Client’s rights, resulted in an extraordinary outcome for Client.

State of Minnesota v. R.W. (Itasca County, 2015)

Client was charged with DWI after law enforcement received a report of a knocked down mailbox of Client’s neighbors. This was the winter so law enforcement followed the tracks to Client’s residence. After law enforcement made contact with Client, they determined Client must have driven the car that hit the mailbox and that Client was intoxicated. Client was adamant that while he drank, he drank in his home after he drove. Through rigorous private investigation, we were able to prove the defense of post-driving consumption, which is a complete defense to the DWI. On the eve of trial, the State DISMISSED all DWI charges.

State of Minnesota v. J.W. (Ramsey County, 2014):

Client was charged with a DWI after a vehicle he was in slid off the road and into a ditch during the winter. Client and his friend were both at the scene of the accident. Client initially told the police that he drove the vehicle, taking the fall for his friend even though his friend drove because his friend was going through some very difficult life situations at that time. Client was charged with a DWI. We raised the alternative driver defense at trial. Client’s friend testified before the jury about why he let Client take the fall and that he was, in fact, the driver. The jury agreed and found Client NOT GUILTY of a DWI.

State of Minnesota v. G.D. (Washington County, 2014):

Client was stopped by the police because Client turned off a highway into a parking lot of a closed business and idled Client’s vehicle for a few minutes and then got back onto the highway. The police claimed that Client’s vehicle was “suspicious.” Client was then charged with a DWI. Judge disagreed and DISMISSED the case because the police did not possess a sufficient legal basis to stop Client’s vehicle and to charge Client with DWI.

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