Can you suppress evidence in your drug case?

Drug charges can quickly derail your life, especially if they result in conviction. You might find yourself facing jail or prison time, a financially ruinous fine, and damage to your reputation. A conviction can also haunt you for years or even decades to come because it can make it hard for you to obtain gainful employment, secure housing, and even receive an education. In other words, there’s a lot at stake when you’re facing these types of criminal allegations. Fortunately, you might have some strong criminal defense options at your fingertips.

Can you suppress the evidence being used against you?

The police have to follow the law. If they fail to do so, then evidence that they gather may be deemed inadmissible at trial. For example, if a traffic stop is conducted without legal justification, then any subsequently gathered evidence is deemed fruit of the poisonous tree. This means that that evidence will likely be thrown out if the defendant requests the court to do so. This same tactic might be used when warrantless searches are conducted in violation of the law.

Chain of custody issues may also lead to suppression. Evidence that is collected by the police must be handled in a way that it cannot be contaminated so that when it is presented in court it can be proven what it is purported to be. However, if proper chain of custody procedures aren’t followed, then you can raise validity issues. If your arguments are strong enough, then the court may deem that evidence inadmissible.

Fight to protect your interests

You shouldn’t let overzealous prosecutors push you around and try to pressure you into accepting a plea deal because the evidence is stacked against you. Instead, you need to be prepared to fight for yourself. This means developing the strongest criminal defense strategy possible under the circumstances. If you think that you could benefit from assistance in doing so, then you might want to reach out to a criminal defense attorney who is aggressive enough to give you the representation you deserve.